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About Us - Afriex Training

We are consulting company that build capacity for professional in economics, health practitioners, statistical, human resource, M&E specialist, marketing, management, and finance consultants specialising in the application of these professions to institutions and organisations that require top of the range consultancy services.

We have the capacity, resources and experience to provide a full range of interdisciplinary consultancy and management services

Our capabilities

  • We are responsive: Critical success factor and the key feature of our approach that defines us and enables us to conclude assignments successfully
  • Experienced with commitment and dedication to perform efficiently: Our approach to service provision is customer/client focused
  • Ample understanding of our participant’s goals and objectives: Our team is comprised of experts that have the knowledge and expert to delivery quality training

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Training Course Categories

Our main training programmes, consultancies and expertise are within the following fields of specialization:


Usage and Attitude Surveys
Employee Attitude Assessments and Satisfaction Surveys
Work Environment Surveys
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Project Monitoring & Evaluation

Appraisal of projects/programs
Monitoring & Evaluation
Project Impact Monitoring
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Business Management

Quality Control Management Agency
Operational Planning
Expenditure Review And Analysis
Business Management and Marketing
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Research/ Data Analysis

Research Design
Data Management
Data Analysis
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Technology for Development

Mobile Data Collection.
Digital Marketing.
ICT for Development.
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Agricultural Management

Crop and Livestock development and Marketing
Farming systems Management
Rural Development Programs
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GIS for Monitoring & Evaluation
Remote Sensing
Usage of GIS in Agriculture
GIS Analysis
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Anniversary Towers 8th Flr, Nairobi
+254 715 310 685 | +254 732 543 623

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We engage in empowering individuals, organizations, and societies through quality trainings.